All eyes on United Trade Club

The world is witnessing a phase of constant change in the economic representation of what money looks like.

Just like in the past when valuables were used as mediums of exchange and then came coins and now a fiscal account, the economic market is taking an irreversible turn towards cryptocurrency and the truth remains that whether you buy sooner or later, you should definitely changes with the changing times.

The situation that every capitalist tries to avoid is having ordinary people who have as much control over their own finances as they – the capitalists – have. The first step to getting rich is having control over your finances, which leads to making financial decisions that will grow your funds by investing them wisely.

UNITED TRADE CLUB is a conglomerate created with the primary objective of putting the benefits of the three major financial markets within everyone’s reach; ensuring that people for the first time make real investment decisions that will benefit them, entirely powered by cryptocurrency. United Trade Club, with an army of experts who have spent years studying the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, have come up with a trade and profit initiative called TRADE-o-BOT. Trade-O-Bot is an automated robot trading system that is expertly designed to trade the three major financial markets simultaneously for maximum profit for investors, along with a team of trained professionals.

United Trade Club is created for people who desire financial freedom, enlightenment and knowledge about the new trends in the economic market regarding the crypto market. The user-friendly interface, the affordable packages, the added benefits of being a user and the even more enticing bonuses of being an affiliate all combine to ensure that everyone who becomes a part of it earns at the highest level and also learn beyond what any layman would do know the financial market.

United Trade Club is the best thing that can happen to crypto users and those who transact or even just save crypto currency because they trade for you and extra profits can be made simply by being an affiliate and referring others .

The team of professionals consisting of experienced Blockchain developers who maintain the system at the top of the chain, businessmen, traders, psychologists who are abreast of the best way to convey the knowledge of the complex Blockchain technology and a team of lawyers – All of them contribute to the safety and effectiveness of the Platform and the activities involved.

Upgrades are constantly being introduced to keep up with the rapidly developing technology of the blockchain platform and more research, further than any other team of experts.

The United Trade Club accommodates every entrepreneur, partisan, government official and worker interested in the financial market.

With all its successes, United Trade Club is the future of cryptocurrency-enabled trading.

Why did banks ban cryptocurrency purchases with their credit cards?

The wave of banks banning the purchase of cryptocurrency using their credit cards is growing, with Wells Fargo now joining this type of ban. A number of other banks, such as Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and others, are also part of this new trend that restricts the purchase of crypto.

It seems that debit cards can still be used to buy cryptocurrency (check with your bank to be sure of their policy), but the use of credit cards to buy cryptocurrency has turned around with these banks leading the way with these bans on purchase, and it probably won’t be long before this ban becomes standard.

Seemingly overnight, purchases started to reverse when credit cards were used to buy crypto, and people who had never had a problem before buying crypto with their credit cards began to notice that they were no longer allowed to these purchases. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is the culprit here, and banks don’t want people to spend a lot of money that will turn out to be difficult to pay back if a major cryptocurrency crash happens, as it did at the beginning of the year.

Of course, these banks will also miss out on the money that can be made when people buy cryptocurrency and the market goes up, but they’ve clearly decided that the bad outweighs the good when it comes to this gamble with their credit cards. This also protects the consumer as it limits their ability to get into financial trouble by using credit to buy something that could leave them cash and credit poor.

Most investors who used credit cards for cryptocurrency purchases were probably looking for short-term gains and had no plans to stick around for the long term. They were hoping to get in and out quickly, then pay off the credit cards before the high interest rate hit. But with the constant volatility of the cryptocurrency market, many who had bought with this plan in mind found themselves losing a huge amount of assets as the market went down. Now they are paying interest on the lost money, and that is never a good thing. This, of course, was bad news for banks and caused the current and growing trend of banning crypto purchases with credit cards.

The lesson here is that you should never max out a line of credit to invest in crypto, and only use a percentage of your hard assets to make crypto purchases. These funds should be funds that you can lock in for a long time without hurting your budget.

So, don’t get caught putting money into a cryptocurrency you’ll need soon, only to find that the downturn has taken the money out of your pocket. There’s an old saying that goes, “Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose,” and that’s the lesson banks want people to learn as they venture into this new investment frontier.

Types of cryptocurrency wallets and their overall security aspect

There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets that allow users to store and access their digital currencies in different ways. The question that is relevant in this context is how secure these wallets are. Before looking at the security aspect, it is helpful to understand the different types or varieties of cryptocurrency wallets that exist today.

Cryptocurrency Wallet: Types and Varieties

These wallets can be broadly classified into 3 categories:

  • Software wallets
  • Hardware wallets and
  • Paper wallets

Cryptocurrency software wallets can again be subdivided into desktop, online, and mobile wallets.

  • Desktop Software Wallets: These wallets are designed to be downloaded and installed on desktops and laptops. This particular variety offers the highest level of security, although their availability is limited only to the computer on which they are installed. Also, in case the computer is hacked or infected with a virus, there is a possibility that one will lose all their money.
  • Online Software Wallets: This range of cryptocurrency wallets runs on the cloud. Thus, they can be easily accessed from any computing device and from any geographical location. Apart from the convenience of accessibility, this type of digital wallet stores the private keys online. The keys are even controlled by third parties; this makes them easily vulnerable to hacking and theft.
  • Mobile Software Wallets: Unlike the other two varieties, mobile software wallets operate on smartphones via an app. They can easily be used anywhere, including shops and malls. This range of wallets is usually much simpler and smaller compared to normal desktops to accommodate the very limited space of mobile phones.

Difference between hardware and software wallets

Hardware digital wallets differ from software wallets in terms of storing the user’s private keys. Hardware wallets store user keys on a hardware device (e.g. USB). Thus, since the keys are stored offline, these wallets offer additional security. Additionally, hardware wallets are easily compatible with many online interfaces and can also handle different currencies. This variety of cryptocurrency wallets is also easy to transact. As a user, you simply need to plug the device into any computer that is connected to the network before entering the PIN, transferring the currency and simply confirming the transaction. Your digital currency is maintained offline by the hardware wallets and thus the risk factor or security concern is also much less.

Paper Digital Wallets: This range of digital wallets is also user-friendly and ensures a high level of security. The term “paper wallet” refers only to the paper printout of the user’s public and private keys. However, given the cases, this can also apply to a software application designed to securely generate the keys before printing.

Sweeping with paper wallets

Using paper wallets is relatively easier. To transfer any cryptocurrency to your paper wallet, simply transfer the funds from the software wallet to the public address displayed on your paper wallet. Likewise, when you want to spend or withdraw your money, simply transfer the funds from the paper wallet to your software wallet. This procedure is popularly called “sweeping”.

Clearing can be done manually by entering the private keys or scanning the QR code on a paper wallet.

How secure are cryptocurrency wallets?

Different varieties of digital wallets offer different levels of security. The security aspect mainly depends on two factors:

  • The type of wallet you use – hardware, paper, online, desktop or mobile
  • Selected service provider

Needless to mention, it is much safer to store currencies in an offline environment compared to online. There is simply no way you can ignore security measures regardless of the wallet you choose. If you lose your private keys, all the money stored in the wallet will disappear from your hands. On the other hand, if the wallet is hacked or you transfer funds to a fraudster, it will not be possible to reverse the transaction, nor to get that money back.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a smart business idea and for that, using a suitable wallet is inevitable. You just need to be a little cautious to ensure the safety and security of your money transfers and transactions.

How cryptocurrency works

Simply put, cryptocurrency is digital money that is designed in a way that is, in some cases, secure and anonymous. It is closely related to the Internet, which uses cryptography, which is basically a process where readable information is converted into an uncrackable code to trace all transfers and purchases made.

Cryptography has a history dating back to World War II when there was a need to communicate in the most secure way. Since then there has been an evolution of the same and today it has become digitized where various elements of computer science and mathematical theory are used for the purpose of providing communications, money and information online.

The first cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency was introduced in 2009 and is still well known around the world. Many more cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the past few years and today you can find so many available on the internet.

How they work

This kind of digital currency uses technology that is decentralized so as to allow different users to make payments that are secure and also store money without necessarily using a name or even going through a financial institution. They are mainly managed on blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger that is distributed publicly.

Cryptocurrency units are usually created using a process called mining. This usually involves the use of computing power. This solves the mathematical problems that can be very complex when generating coins. Users are only allowed to buy the currencies from the brokers and then store them in crypto wallets where they can spend them with great ease.

Cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technology are still in their infancy when thinking about them from a financial perspective. More uses may emerge in the future as one never knows what else will be invented. The future of transactions in stocks, bonds and other types of financial assets may very well be traded using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the future.

Why Use Cryptocurrency?

One of the main features of these currencies is the fact that they are secure and that they offer a level of anonymity that you may not get anywhere else. There is no way a transaction can be reversed or tampered with. This is the biggest reason why you should consider using them.

The fees charged for this type of currency are also quite low and this makes it a very reliable option compared to conventional currency. Since they are decentralized in nature, they can be accessed by anyone unlike banks where accounts are only opened with permission.

Cryptocurrency markets offer a brand new form of money and sometimes the rewards can be great. You may make a very small investment only to find it has mushroomed into something great in a very short period of time. However, it is important to note that the market can also be volatile and there are risks involved in buying.

Digital Currency: The Technologist’s Answer to Self-Employment

Digital currency, commonly referred to as “cryptocurrency”, is a type of money that exists only in electronic format. It is a series of data that uses a technology called Block Chain which acts as a ledger and keeps the history of what the cryptocurrency has been used for. Like coins or paper money, digital currency is stored in a digital wallet and can be used as a traditional method for buyers and sellers to pay for the exchange of goods and/or services. The transfer of ownership of a digital currency is stored as a record on the blockchain that can be tracked from user to user. There are obvious benefits to tracking the activity of any currency, with the most significant benefits being proof of ownership and fraud prevention and mitigation.

The recent growth in popularity of cryptocurrency has given way to a new era of wealth in the tech industry. While traditional means of generating income or accumulating wealth usually involve exchanging a product or service for money or compensation, digital currency is generated entirely differently. Much like gold or silver is dug out of the ground, Digital Currency uses “miners” to process thousands and thousands of calculations every minute, effectively digging through a mountain of digital rocks and dirt to find what eventually turns out to be a solution to an extremely complex mathematical problem.

Until recently, a technologist’s ability to generate a salary was based on building digital applications or providing technical skills to businesses. However, with the birth of cryptocurrency, a technologist (or even a novice user with some basic computer programming skills) can bypass the groundwork and get directly involved in the production of this new currency by building a team of super-powerful computers whose sole purpose is to “mine” cryptocurrency.

The corporate world relies heavily on the skills and abilities of computer and IT professionals. However, as the popularity of virtual money continues to grow and become more popular, coupled with the natural skills possessed by even some of the most basic computer programmers, the corporate world may begin to see cryptocurrency as a threat to their business operations. Compared to the answer of a boss at a tech firm, digital currency mining can be a very attractive job opportunity, leading to a potential shortage of skilled computer programmers in the tech industry.

Why should you trade cryptocurrency?

The modern concept of cryptocurrency is becoming very popular among traders. A revolutionary concept introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto as a spin-off became a hit. Decoding Cryptocurrency we understand that crypto is something hidden and currency is a medium of exchange. It is a form of currency used in the block chain, created and stored. This is done through encryption techniques to control the creation and verification of the transacted currency. Bit coin was the first cryptocurrency to emerge.

Cryptocurrency is only part of the process of a virtual database operating in the virtual world. The identity of the real person here cannot be determined. Also, there is no centralized authority to govern cryptocurrency trading. This currency is equivalent to the solid gold held by the people and whose value is supposed to skyrocket. The electronic system set by Satoshi is decentralized where only miners are allowed to make changes by confirming the initiated transactions. They are the only human touch providers in the system.

Counterfeiting the cryptocurrency is not possible because the entire system is based on basic mathematical and cryptographic puzzles. Only those people who are capable of solving these puzzles can make changes to the database, which is almost impossible. Once a transaction is confirmed, it becomes part of the database or blockchain, which cannot then be reversed.

Cryptocurrency is nothing but digital money that is created using coding technique. It is based on a peer-to-peer management system. Let us now understand how one can benefit from trading in this market.

It cannot be reversed or tampered with: Although many people may argue that the transactions done are irreversible, but the best thing about cryptocurrencies is that once the transaction is confirmed. A new block is added to the block chain and then the transaction cannot be tampered with. You become the owner of this block.

Online transactions: This not only makes it suitable for anyone located in any part of the world to transact, but also facilitates the speed at which the transaction is processed. Compared to real time where you need third parties to step in to buy a house or gold or get a loan, you only need a computer and a prospective buyer or seller in the case of cryptocurrency. This concept is easy, fast and full of ROI prospects.

The fee is low per transaction: There is little or no fee charged to miners during transactions as this is borne by the network.

Accessibility: The concept is so practical that all those people who have access to smartphones and laptops can access the cryptocurrency market and trade it anytime anywhere. This accessibility makes it even more profitable. As the return on investment is commendable, many countries such as Kenya have introduced the M-Pesa system enabling a home coin device, which now allows 1 in three Kenyans to carry a home coin wallet with them.

The best ICO of 2018 – this cryptocurrency will destroy Wall Street

As we begin to see an increase in cryptocurrency trading, more and more new digital assets are being created every day. The concept behind this is absolutely brilliant, but we are left with a huge problem for many, they will find fewer and fewer actual quality investment options in the crypto market. More and more public, it seems that only the top 15% of cryptocurrencies will maintain significant value over time.

The reality of ICO is a new idea, but we need to see a big change develop to offer the security seen in traditional investment instruments. The fact that we are in a playing field where no government or body can regulate these digital assets opens the door for fraudsters and scammers. This is the main problem with ICOs, even companies that may offer a legitimate product or service may end up wasting investors’ money and leaving token holders with an asset that is truly worthless. This is what the Dibbs ICO promises to fix along with many other promises to change the world situation through blockchain development.

The Dibbs ICO introduces an erc20 token to the public, which has some additional unique features. These tokens can be sold back to the issuer for payments in Bitcoin or Ether. This will be governed by smart contracts that will increase the level of security for investors by offering a secure source to liquidate their holdings! The idea is simple and genius! The reason for this development is that Dibbs llc can demonstrate its ability to create digital assets that offer the same advantages and certainty as traditional investments, but with much higher returns, immediate liquidity and the capacity to build new advantages that can to be unique to each token. This in turn will be managed initially by Dibbs as they monitor the companies that wish to launch on their platform, making sure that what is promised is delivered as we move into the final phase, making this whole system autonomous .

With Dibbs Token you can get a part of every offer that will launch from this platform! This is the added bonus behind the Dibbs token, it is unmatched in terms of the potential to see extremely high returns in the future. The fact is, no other suggestion will ever have such a great benefit. With the launch of am altcoin via ICO, a portion of the total supply is earmarked and even used as payment to the Dibbs company for their asset production service. In turn, these holdings are distributed to Dibbs token holders in proportion to their holdings.

All I have to say is wow! I went ahead and made this company a central focus for my partners in the financial sector and they all approved of this. I have personally invested over $5000 USD in this offering by purchasing tokens at pre-sale prices. The ICO won’t actually start until September 2018, but if you get in today, you’ll win big by saving up to 200%

To learn more about this company, check out their website at

The Dibbs Coin Offering –

Practical tips on how to trade cryptocurrencies

I have been closely watching the performance of cryptocurrencies for some time to get a feel for where the market is headed. The routine that my elementary school teacher taught me – when you wake up, pray, brush your teeth and eat breakfast has shifted a bit to waking up, praying and then going online (starting with coinmarketcap) just to know which cryptos assets are in the red.

The start of 2018 has not been great for altcoins and related assets. Their performance was crippled by bankers’ frequent opinions that the crypto bubble was about to burst. However, ardent followers of cryptocurrency are still HODLing and frankly, they are reaping big profits.

Bitcoin recently bounced back to almost $5,000; Bitcoin Cash approached $500, while Ethereum found peace at $300. Virtually every coin was struck except for the newcomers who were still in the excitement stage. As of this writing, Bitcoin is back on track and trading at $8,900. Many other cryptocurrencies have doubled since the start of the uptrend, and the market cap is $400 billion from a recent peak of $250 billion.

If you are slowly warming up to cryptocurrencies and want to become a successful trader, the tips below will help you.

Practical tips on how to trade cryptocurrencies

• Start modestly

You’ve heard that cryptocurrency prices are skyrocketing. You’ve also probably gotten the news that this uptrend may not last long. Some skeptics, mostly respected bankers and economists, generally label them as get-rich-quick schemes with no solid foundation.

Such news can cause you to invest hastily and fail to apply moderation. A little analysis of market trends and currencies to invest in can guarantee you good returns. Whatever you do, don’t invest all of your hard earned money in these assets.

• Understand how stock markets work

I recently saw a friend of mine post a feed on Facebook about one of his friends who went on to trade a stock market that he had no idea how it worked. This is a dangerous move. Always review the site you intend to use before you sign up or at least before you start trading. If they provide a dummy account for you to play with, then take this opportunity to learn what the dashboard looks like.

• Don’t insist on trading everything

There are over 1400 cryptocurrencies to trade, but it is impossible to handle them all. Spreading your portfolio across a huge number of cryptocurrencies than you can effectively manage will reduce your profits. Just select a few of them, read more about them and how to get their trading signals.

• Stay sober

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. This is both their curse and their blessing. As a trader, you must understand that wild price fluctuations are inevitable. Not knowing when to make a move makes one an ineffective trader. Use hard data and other research methods to be sure when to execute a trade.

Successful traders participate in various online forums where cryptocurrency discussions are held regarding market trends and signals. Of course, your knowledge may be sufficient, but you must rely on other traders for more relevant data.

• Diversify meaningfully

Virtually everyone will tell you to expand your portfolio, but no one will remind you to work with real-world currencies. There are some crappy coins you can deal with for some quick cash, but the best cryptocurrencies to work with are the ones that solve existing problems. Real-world coins tend to be less volatile.

Don’t diversify too early or too late. And before you make a move to buy a crypto-asset, make sure you know its market capitalization, price changes, and daily trading volumes. Maintaining a healthy portfolio is the way to reap big profits from these digital assets.

Startups: Millions and Cryptocurrency – Blockchainerz

Startups are the very foundations that support the economy as a whole. The capital growth hedging process for new age ideas is the typical background of growth platforms. This turnaround creates a potential growth benefit for companies and the populations they serve.

So why do we think cryptocurrency is a viable financing solution?

Startups are the innovation-driven companies that strive to make it to the big leagues in order to survive and ideas to remain viable, managed throughout the tenure. Because of this, they must grow large and stay large in rapid succession. To do this, investors are key with the purchasing power that shares the innovation to dive into it and believe in it. Angel investors or venture capitalists are the most popular words for them, who provide and drive them with equity capital or profitable returns, with strict guidelines and policies driving the companies forward.

Alternatives to secure investor funding and capital growth are an immeasurably difficult combination to develop in tandem, with all the geographic competitiveness while going legal. Finding an approach is an important factor in the growth of a startup business. With the availability of blockchain alternatives like Ethereum, they can earn and raise capital in the form of initial coin offerings.

An unregulated method of fundraising with a cryptocurrency venture. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the currency is sold to early bankers of the project in exchange for off-grid currencies like Bitcoin. This method of trading digital tokens for fund growth is the very basis of how the whole system works in favor, without any government regulation or shareholder pressure implying control of the company for the core members.

This process allows the founding members to have majority control of the startup and not deviate from the investor’s thoughts and processes. This negates the prospect of not having to dissolve companies due to thermal oil and inconsistent goals.

Avoiding regulation is key to creating the technical background for organizational benefits and initial coin offerings brought by a cryptocurrency collecting random amounts of monetary benefits from anyone on the Internet, so a cryptocurrency wallet is the hedge they need to continue forward. Pseudo-anonymity with technologies such as Ethereum provides a decentralized blockchain preventing inhibiting activity.

Without having to meet aggressive expansion requirements, ICOs bring freedom to ordinary people with the opportunity to invest in private companies.

Thus, startups no longer have to navigate to a technology hub to secure funding. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have paved the way with obvious positives and negatives with risk-taking and disclosure of security breaches.

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The crowdfunding ICO features, for example, allow investors in India to invest in revolutionary fishing techniques and growth opportunities in Indonesia and Africa without being tied down and bound by the respective governance.

Peer to Peer cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency concepts need to be cleared if you want to have a flexible, anonymous and secure currency transaction. There are many benefits that can be derived using such nature of currency when an affiliate business is desired.

The main requirement for making such currency transactions

In order to have such a currency transaction between two peers, there is a blockchain requirement. When one is present, then there is no need for a third party that can be trusted to carry out such transactions. The system provides a way to have a secure transaction as it is impossible for hackers to manipulate any transaction or create fake data.

The benefits of using such a transaction system

There are many advantages of using this nature of peer to peer transaction. Let’s look at them.

Pseudonym: Every cryptocurrency transaction has a unique identifier. The uniqueness of the identifier is that it is not related to the user’s name and address. The identity can be easily changed for every transaction done just by clicking some buttons.

Wallets: Wallet is a place where you can practically store your money and use it for any nature of transaction. There are many ways to protect your wallet. You can use passwords, encryption or have special hardware to have such security. You can easily have privacy and security for the money you have in your wallet.

Secure transactions: You can expect to have the most secure cryptocurrency transaction. A worldwide network of computers manages every transaction that takes place. It is a network that is not managed by any central governing body, so this decentralized nature of cryptocurrency allows one to have a perfect peer-to-peer transaction.

The transaction is more secure due to the fact that the money cannot be forcibly taken away from anyone. Thousands of checks are performed before a transaction is made and if any loophole is detected, the transaction is stopped. It can be said that such a transaction is more secure than using a credit card.

Automated transaction: This peer-to-peer transaction nature can be automated using smart contacts. The system itself will process the transaction according to the rules you set. For example, if you want a certain amount of money to be transferred to a certain account after you have a certain fund, then the system will automatically follow that instruction.

Quick settlement: With this transaction facility, you don’t have to wait long to have money in your account. The peer-to-peer nature of transaction that is available using cryptocurrency allows for the reduction of middlemen and therefore the various attachments associated with it. So you can expect to have the fastest way of currency transaction by using this facility.

Easy payment:

It is quite easy to pay using cryptocurrency. You don’t need to pay hefty fees or enter details other than the recipient’s wallet address to make such transactions possible. The amount will be transferred to the recipient in seconds.

So one can easily see how efficient and beneficial it is to have a peer-to-peer transaction using cryptocurrency.